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May 06, 2011


jeff reine

Does time move from right to left or left to right?

Michael Sippey

Sounds like a good question for the Quora admins to delete.


I lost in a vote, but it's grown on me. That word "older" just feels better going left than right, but originally I had them reversed in the plain-text version of the site. It also said next/previous which is HAHAHilariously bad.

jeff reine

Timelines all leave the past gasping in the dust to the left so newer items *should* be to the right of their older brethren. (But even as I type that I question the statement's validity. Oh the quandry!)

Estimated time until the Quora question police purge? 5 hours

daisy barringer

I agree with Jeff in that typical timelines go from old (left) to new (right), but in the instance of a blog, you have to page BACK to see everything that's "new," so in that instance, it seems "newer" should be on the left.

Math is hard.


New pages of my real-life, tangible book are on the right of my current page.Pages that I have already read (or skipped over) are to the left of my current page.


We put "Older" on the right, but did away with "Newer" altogether in favor of a link back to page 1. If they want to go back to the previous pages, people can use their back button.


Matt Jacobs

We'll never have a clear decision on this, but I declare mlkshk the winner because of URLs like this: http://mlkshk.com/friends/before/22JS. This is far more useful to me than /friends/page/2, even if it's slightly more human-readable. So round 1 goes to mlkshk.


use the power of the words. this is the web, it is hypertext, you don't need a direction. just make it older and newer thats it.


Mlkshk is right. Timelines move from left to right. (Different cultures may vary, but I'm writing this in English.) Oldest is always on the left. Newest is ALWAYS on the right. Think of any historical timeline you've ever seen. Think of Minard!! The reason we don't get confused about how to read those is because there's a standard. The standard applies in this situation as well.


Nobody, so far, has even come close to presenting a reason why "newer" would be on the left and "older" on the right.

Honestly? It's such a profound misstep that it looks downright amateurish. Like putting the newest blog comments at the top. Or labeling your links "click here".

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