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May 27, 2011



My first thought upon seeing your title was that this was gonna be like F/M/K, but for food. But your post is good, too!

Michael Sippey

That is an excellent idea; a snap judgment foodspotting. Probably better as eat / cook / kill, to line up with F/M/K.

Edward Vielmetti

There's a great song by the Horseflies, called "Roadkill", with the memorable line "eat what you kill".



There's no way it would work. Already the regulations on a slaughterhouse are ridonculous. Add in an angry animal rights movement and there would be 1000 ways to block it. Plus the smell from the livestock would not exactly whet the appetite.

jeff reine

I'm pretty sure I just saw K/C/E go into an old co-op gallery space/community television studio on Valencia.

Or was it a KFC?

Mark MyWord

Mr. Reine,
Once again, thank you for having us over for this wonderful week-end.
I appreciate you having giving me, my free up-grade to the "Professional NEWSense Plan".
With this perk, plus your personal answering machine number. I feel somewhat mollified.
And, as you so nicely explained to me; everybody loves me. When people hate my comments' guts, it is in no way personal.

PS. My Mother feels very badly for breaking your antique "Texas Calculator" collection, but, anyways you never use it.

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