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Sep 10, 2010



[This is awesome]

Edward Vielmetti

In my part of the worlds, a fork is something you eat with; I'd refer to these as "schism", or perhaps "apostasy".

I like the rewrite. More bloggers should have their stuff rewritten.

Anil Dash

"Reformation? Fork. Christianity? Fork. America? Fork."

English? Fork. Homo Sapiens? Fork. Earth? Fork. New York? Fork. Pork? Fork. Spork? Fork. Bork Bork? Fork.

Jason Treit

Robert Bork? Orc.

Andrew Anker

Oh no you didn't.

Paul Morriss

I'm embarrased to say I almost got to the bottom before I figured out what you were doing with all that strikethrough.

marco barsotti

Yes, forking wikipedia articles could be very interesting, probably the final way to tell us there is no a final truth in our universe.

thanks for the post.

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