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Mar 24, 2010


Claire Alcock

These are things of beauty. I saw my first public bike in the wild last week and people had gathered to gawp! The DWR team know their market and I think this will do well.

joshua mack

Very nice looking bikes, though the white one looks a bit too much like the Ghost Bike project in NY. Where spray painted bikes mark places where riders have been killed.

Michael Sippey

Well that's a downer. Thanks, Josh!

joshua mack

Sorry. The other colors are quite spiffy. Also very good analysis of the economics of local bike shops.

Mark Simmons

@josh. I think I'll recommend an orange bike for you. :)


I'm winning this bike, in orange. Haters to the right.

Jonathan Peterson

It's been a couple decades since I worked in a shop, but we always made all the money on accessories and repairs - with many "repairs" putting right walmart/target bikes that were never put together correctly. There was also a big investment and risk in stock for shops, if we didn't have the model someone wanted in their size, the wait could be weeks.

And it was incredibly annoying having to deal with tire kickers who wanted to know why all our bikes cost $100 more than the big box crap (because ours don't suck and we put them together correctly).

That said, I'm bikie enough to find bikes as fashion statement incredibly annoying.


Classic, functional and logo-free. Great concept.

The colors aren't really up my alley, but I see it as more of a blank canvas to work with rather than the final state.

Internal cable routing is a nice touch.


I hope they have them in black.

Also -- cf Mission Bicycle and their online build your bike form.

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