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Jan 27, 2010



This was my big hope too! So why, o why, couldn't they make it a multi-user device? My iPhone looks completely different than my wife's iPhone, which looks completely different than the kids' iPod Touches. I would love to be able to pass the iPad around the family, each with their own email addresses, Tweetie accounts, and apps. But it looks like that's just not realistic at this point. Which is a real bummer.

That and the lack of the webcam for Skype, that is :)

Michael Sippey

I think that will come eventually; maybe as part of iPhone OS v4? They'll chalk it up as a learning from how people are using the device, and expose APIs for the apps so that they can be used by multiple users yet store data separately for each user. So yeah in the meantime if you just think if it as a shared family resource, then you'll install and run a different set of things on it. No $0.99 hott apps for you, my friend.

Big picture-ish this is interesting because until the multiuser thing comes it could mean more use of the cloud (email? just get all the kids gmail addresses) instead of Apple's rich clients.

Davis W. Frank

How about casual computing? Your use cases demand a device that's lower start cost & simpler interactions. Like a smartphone, but more suited to sharing. So the software is done (mobile apps) but the form factor isn't quite right with a smartphone, hence something bigger.

Jeff Hawkins wanted this with the Palm Foleo (which never shipped) but attacked the wrong use cases (I was there, still have one, long story). Netbooks, it turns out, running desktop software are just tiny laptops. Nothing new.

So Apple makes their version of a netbook and will sell some, but not a lot, until people see the your use cases are valid - kids homework is a big one - and the price comes down a bit more. At $500 I'm not buying 2 or 3 of these to lie around the house. More likely I'll buy gen 3 or 4, or get a free one with my next iMac.

Meanwhile, a Kindle at $200-250 remains compelling.

Owen Thomas

Oh, Michael, just indulge in your heteronormative privilege! It's okay, even in Berkeley!

Brad Choate

My 10-year-old is going to participate in the middle school laptop education program this fall. This device comes so close to being usable for that... having Pages built in, but my guess is that they will expect a device that can take CD ROMs, be able to print, connect to a wired network, etc.

I'll do some more research though -- if the iPad could work, it would save me $500 easy, because I love my daughter and I would not subject her to a netbook.

Michael Sippey

@Owen, you know me -- I excel at indulging in my heteronormative privilege! Brunch, anyone?


Indeed, my initial reaction to the device is that the iPad is the new consumer home computing device. Years ago, the iMac was introduced and filled that role. The iPad is the new iMac.

That said, it's just not my market, and I won't be buying one. I am however, really looking forward to creating apps and seeing what other developers do with the new resolution.

Web developers are probably banging their heads against their desks as they confront the idea that 1024x768 is going to be with us for a very long time.

Michael Sippey

@Octothorpe -- good point! 1024x786 is definitely going to be with us for a long time. The good news about the iPad is that Apple's pretty tyrannical about minimizing browser chrome on all of their products, which means maximum real estate. Plus, in portrait mode, as demo'd yesterday, there's more opportunity for scanning and zooming... (Personally, I'm a fan of 1024x768, if one can actually be a fan of a dimension.)

Account Deleted

I am interested in seeing how graphic design (mainly print) will evolve if/when the iPad and similar devices become more mainstream. As a designer, I try to make sure my concepts will mesh well with all mediums so I am not very concerned, but I will have to really explore ePublication now. Love to know a good place to start.

Michael Sippey

@Joe, if you're looking for more about ePub, wikipedia's probably a good place to start. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EPUB

Account Deleted

Always a good place to start, thanks!

Brad Choate

Update: Savannah's future middle school is recommending students get iPads for the laptop program this fall!

Michael Sippey

Wow, now that's interesting, Brad. And since they don't have webcams in them, you're guaranteed not to have issues like they did at the Lower Merion school district in PA.

Brad Choate

Well, I'm still hoping for a built-in web cam, but even if it had one, it's a managed device, so there is no need to worry about spyware!

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