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Dec 16, 2009


Matt Haughey

Marco's right of course, I just wish record companies could be more creative than the black and white world of either allow everything or sue everyone. The video was a tremendous promotional device for both Vimeo and their recording artists. I hadn't heard the song in ten years and I used to hate it but it made me run out and buy a copy. The record company loses something by not recognizing that.

Of course I also would go farther than Marco and say Vimeo isn't 30 creative people with floppy hair and glasses they're owned by Barry Freaking Diller and the IAC certainly has enough lawyers to talk to record labels and do something similar to YouTube.

Michael Sippey

Absolutely, the labels & artists need better mechanisms for licensing music for uses like this, recognizing that these are fan-created promotional vehicles. And yeah - I have to believe that Marco was being ironic with the "just because they're creative" part. Vimeo (whether they're part of IAC or not) has to have enough experience with DMCA notices that they should have known better...

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