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Aug 21, 2009



Hmm, either I somehow forgot it in my Unicode app for iPhone, or it looks rather different on the device. Could be because it's Helvetica, but I've tried pasting your version in TextEdit and changing the font, and nothing happens... I'm always a little flummoxed by how OS X handles that kind of things anyway.


Sure looks nice! I would totally prefer Ford's if it had some of the features of The UniSearcher (née Brett's Absolutely Astounding Interactive Searchable Unicode Chart), like boxes for entering codes and characters (as noted in the TODOs), and searching by name.

Michael Sippey

We should combine Paul's design sense with the UniSearcher's functionality. Because my God the UniSearcher makes my eyes bleed. :)


Yeah, I thought searching would be hard but he did in fact put all the character names in that page.

I considered starting a github repo for it but I figured someone else would by the time I had a minute to mess with it.

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