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Jan 07, 2009


Martin Edic (Techrigy)

"...instead it would be directed at the labels who chose to charge their listeners to convert the music they’ve already paid for into a format they should have offered from day one."

Like they did when they went from vinyl to CD...that was one of the greatest gifts imaginable to an entire business.

Michael Sippey

Yeah, but the difference between what happened with the conversion from Vinyl to CD is that when they introduced vinyl, CDs didn't exist, and offered a clear value proposition to users, since a lot of the vinyl that people were replacing was worn, scratched, etc.

When they introduced digital downloads, high bit-rate, DRM-free MP3s were an available technology at the time, and instead they chose to go the DRM route. The delta isn't in the quality of the music, and there is a benefit in being able to future proof and spread your music collection amongst different devices, but that capability was there from day one...

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