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Aug 27, 2008


Matt Haughey

I'm wondering if more accountability could be achieved through tools that tracked all your comments across blogs, for both making comments feel more valuable by being easy to read and share with people that follow you (I left five comments today on four different sites, go check them out!) and maybe another benefit would be that maybe people would feel they had a reputation to uphold and apply some social pressure to not be an asshole?

(I used typekey so we should get some extra good food)

Andrew Anker

I'm resisting the temptation to leave either an obnoxious comment or one that says absolutely nothing.

But yes! Let's do lunch!

Rory Marinich

Yes. Let's do lunch. And, somewhere along the line, let's figure out just how to fix this problem.

Larissa Gaston

Although I'm relatively new to the blogging world, I guess I'm old school because I’m not into the snarky comments either – I think they’re annoying and just generally uncool, not to mention miss the whole point of commenting, which is relating and connecting. If I worked in the city I’d take you up on your lunch offer, but since I don’t I guess I’ll just continue using my lunch time to catch up on my blog reading - and making comments (the non-snarky kind of course). But I'm all for you guys going to lunch and figuring out how to fix the problem.:) P.S. I really like the idea of being able to view all someone's comments across all blogs.

Michael Sippey

@larissa -- if you're up in the city sometime, let me know. would love to buy you lunch.

Larissa Gaston

I might be up there next week - if it works out I'll let you know.:)

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