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Sep 04, 2004



How geeky can you get? Just showing off?

Paul Kalupnieks

For the extra-tasty goodness of Smarypants, download Smartypants and pipe through Smartypants.pl the same way.

getclip | Markdown.pl | Smartypants.pl | putclip

Fixes those single and double quotes as well as the ever-pervasive ellipsis (...)

This combo has been a boon to my productivity at work when having to mark up content documents.

Andrew White

Try this one:

Create a batch file called "markdown.bat". Stick the following in it:

C:\cygwin\bin\getclip.exe | C:\cygwin\bin\perl.exe C:\cygwin\home\{USER}\bin\Markdown.pl | C:\cygwin\bin\perl.exe C:\cygwin\home\{USER}\bin\Smartypants.pl | C:\cygwin\bin\putclip.exe

You'll need to edit paths as necessary.

Now you don't even need Cygwin open. I'm just trying to figure out a way to use AutoHotKey to call this batch file so I can just drag a selection, run that selection through Markdown/Smartypants, and then replace the selection with the HTML.


Of course you don't need actually need Cygwin at all, an ActivePerl install will do just fine. See http://downloads.activestate.com/ActivePerl/Windows/

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